What to expect

Before Your Visit:
    Ensure you stay well-hydrated in the lead-up to your appointment.
    Familiarise yourself with the details provided in your booking confirmation email.
    Prepare to unwind, relax, and focus on your health and well-being.
    What to Bring:
      At Element Health Centres, we've got everything covered, so there's no need to bring anything specific. We provide alkaline water for hydration, bathrobe and slippers, as well as towels and grooming products for your convenience. Showers, toiletries, and towels are available in-clinic.  
        What to Wear:
          Feel free to come in whatever attire suits you, whether it's workwear, gym gear, or casual clothes. For Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions, you can wear your own shorts or swimwear. For Superhuman Protocol, gym wear is advised.
            Parking and Accessibility:
              Element is located at 2/14 Stirling Rod, Claremont, 6010. We have 4 dedicated visitor spaces, and there is 3 hours free parking at the Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, 150 metres away.
                Arrival Time:
                  Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure a relaxed start to your rejuvenating experience. Enjoy filtered water and sparkling water before and after your treatment.
                    After Your Visit:
                      Stay hydrated after your treatment at Element to enhance the benefits. Embrace the calm, relaxed feeling and carry it with you for the rest of your day.