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What is The 'Infrared Sauna Cocoon'?

Most traditional saunas are limited in their ability to heat our core body temperature to an effective degree for optimal “post sauna” metabolism and detox. The reason is simple: the human head heats up before its core. With the user’s head inside the sauna, high temperatures force users out to cool their heads before the therapy can yield full benefits. Therapy treatment parameters and benefits are limited since the head cannot be independently cooled by traditional saunas.

The HyperT Pro offers the most LEDs (720) in a thermal pod. Red & Near-infrared light exposure offers “red light therapy” benefits such as improved skin tone while reducing oxidative stress and increasing ATP (energy) through Photobiomodulation.

The HyperT uses a limited number of LEDs. The red light therapy exposure is minimal, but with long-term use may have positive results. For true full body red light therapy, please visit the TheraLight 360 HD, also available at Element.

Disclaimer: This is a General Wellness Product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. This product is not intended to affect any structure or function of the body

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Treatment Benefits

1. Detoxification

Hyperthermic infrared saunas facilitate detoxification by penetrating tissues with infrared light, inducing sweat to expel toxins like heavy metals and chemicals through the skin. This process supports immune function, enhances circulation, and may alleviate stress. It complements a holistic wellness approach, promoting overall health and vitality.

2. Pain Relief

Hyperthermic infrared saunas provide pain relief by penetrating deep into tissues, promoting relaxation and increasing circulation. The heat helps alleviate muscle soreness, joint stiffness, and chronic pain conditions like arthritis. Regular sessions may contribute to reduced inflammation and improved overall comfort and mobility.

3. Reduction of muscle tension

Hyperthermic infrared saunas effectively reduce muscle tension by delivering penetrating heat that promotes relaxation and loosens tight muscles. This therapeutic warmth encourages blood flow and oxygenation, aiding in the release of knots and stiffness. Regular use can enhance flexibility and alleviate muscular discomfort.

4. Relaxation

Infrared saunas promote relaxation through gentle, penetrating heat that soothes muscles and calms the mind. The radiant warmth encourages the release of tension and promotes a sense of tranquility. This therapeutic environment supports stress reduction and enhances overall well-being, providing a rejuvenating escape from daily pressures.

5. Improved Circulation

Infrared saunas enhance circulation by stimulating blood flow through deep, penetrating heat. This increased circulation delivers oxygen-rich blood to tissues, promoting healing and detoxification. Regular use of infrared saunas may improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, and support overall vitality and wellness.

6. Weight Management

Infrared saunas aid in weight management by promoting sweating, which can help eliminate toxins and water weight. The heat increases heart rate and metabolism, burning calories effectively. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, regular sauna use can support weight loss goals and overall body detoxification.

7. Skin Purification

Infrared saunas contribute to skin purification by deeply cleansing pores through sweat production. The heat accelerates blood circulation, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the skin while removing impurities. This process supports a clearer complexion, reduces acne, and promotes a healthy, radiant appearance.

8. Boosts the Immune System

Infrared saunas boost the immune system by inducing a mild fever-like state, activating immune response mechanisms. The deep heat stimulates circulation, promoting the elimination of toxins and enhancing overall immune function. Regular sessions can help fortify the body’s defenses against illnesses and support long-term health and vitality.

9. Lowering of Blood Pressure

Infrared saunas can help lower blood pressure by inducing relaxation and improving circulation. The gentle heat dilates blood vessels, allowing for easier blood flow and reducing strain on the heart. Regular use may contribute to better cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure readings over time.

Treatment Technology

Used For

  • Improved skin tone
  • Flush out toxins
  • Weight management
  • Improve Cardiovascular Function
  • Pain relief
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Boost Circulation


  • Far-infrared heat
  • Red & Near-infrared light therapy (Photobiomodulation)
  • Dynamic dry heat with convection (hot-air blower)
  • Ergonomic Contour Bed
  • Dual-motor body massage (vibration)
  • Ambient Multicolour Chromolight System
  • Face cooling with Himalayan salt & ionic air infused with 93% pure oxygen
  • Jade, Germanium and Tourmaline gemstones line the inner lid, which when heated, provide further infrared and emit negative ions for added wellness benefits.

How the Treatment Works


Far infrared (FIR), the longest wavelength, penetrates deeply into your body where toxins accumulate. FIR raises core body temperature, prompting sweat gland activity for a profound detoxifying sweat, promoting revitalization. Sweating also boosts heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate, aiding in calorie burning.


Dynamic dry heat with convection, with the added benefit of face cooling, creates a therapeutic environment by circulating heated air evenly around your body. This method accelerates sweating, promoting detoxification and relaxation. The controlled heat distribution enhances circulation.


Experience the benefits of Red & Near-infrared light therapy during your session. These targeted wavelengths penetrate deep into tissues, promoting cellular rejuvenation, reducing inflammation, and enhancing healing.

What our customers says about it

After been predominantly bed – and housebound for more than 3 years with severe ME/cfs, I tried HBOT and RLT. The results are just amazing! I am able to do things I haven’t done in months and even years. Experiencing periods without any pain, illness and severe fatigued is almost like a miracle. I am beyond grateful to have these treatments close by. Maya and her wonderful team provide a caring, clean and safe space with high level of customer service and knowledge.

Emily Floyd

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Red Light Therapy

The Theta pod and the Red Light Therapy was brilliant, the Theta pod was next level meditation, I meditate daily, however this was simply next level!!
The team are welcoming and knowledgeable.

Peter Golia

Theta Chamber and Red Light Therapy

I feel great!! 3 minutes in Cryotherapy followed by 30 minutes in Theta Chamber.. I feel so relaxed! 😎 So glad we have a good wellness centre nearby.

David Pascoe

Whole-body Cryotherapy

Can’t recommend this place enough, the staff are amazing extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. After a few visits I’ve got more energy than I’ve had for a long time. Can’t wait to continue my healing journey with Element.

Nathan Fantom

HBOT, Theta Chamber, Red Light Therapy, Cryotherapy

I have just completed a 28 day Theta Chamber and Red light Therapy program at Element Health Centre in Claremont. I am very delighted with the results. Following the post Covid era I experienced some anxiety and brain fog and was just not feeling myself. These sessions have created a renewed mental clarity and enthusiasm I haven’t felt in a long time. My skin looks healthy and glowing. I feel renewed! The professionalism of the staff and their advice was excellent. Thank you to all the staff- it has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to continuing my visits in the future. Jane

Jane Wilson

Theta Chamber, Red Light Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyper T Pro Infrared Sauna Cocoon FAQ's

The most advanced whole-body wellness pod available, incorporating both thermal & non-thermal technology

What is the Hyper T Pro Infrared Sauna Cocoon?

The HyperT Pro is a multifunctional wellness capsule. Its principle of action is based on a revolutionary symbiosis of thermal and non-thermal therapy using heat and red light. Thanks to this, it provides a comprehensive, healing effect on the entire body.

What should I wear during my session?

Clothing: You should wear comfortable clothing, such as underwear, a swimsuit or lightweight, moisture-wicking attire. You will be provided with towels, face cloths and a robe and can make use of our shower/facilities while you are here.

How long is an infrared sauna session?

Infrared sauna sessions are typically between 30- and 45-minute sessions depending on the program.

Can I bring a friend/partner to my sauna session?

Time in the cocoon is dedicated to prioritising your self-care and is typically for an individual experience only. If you prefer a shared experience, you have the option to book two separate Sauna Cocoons simultaneously. Please reach out to us directly to make arrangements for this.

Do you have a shower at Element Health Centre?

Yes, we do have a shower in the centre which you are more than welcome to use, and towels and robe are provided. However it is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes after your session before showering. Your body can continue to perspire for up to 30 minutes after an infrared sauna. It is best to have a shower when you get home to allow your body to naturally cool down. We do recommend showering when you get home to clean and remove old skin cells, toxins and sweat residue that’s risen to the surface of the skin during your session.

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