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Dr. Hart is a distinguished figure in the world of natural healthcare, renowned for his expertise and unwavering commitment to patient well-being.

As a highly trained and board-certified chiropractor, he possesses a comprehensive skill set that spans kinesiology, homeopathy, functional medicine, and American Biological Medicine.

Dr. Hart’s clinical focus lies in addressing complex health challenges, particularly in the areas of Lyme disease, mold-related illnesses, and complex chronic conditions. His approach is characterized by a dedication to root-cause medicine, tirelessly seeking the underlying factors contributing to his patients’ health issues, all while providing compassionate care.

Dr. Hart’s holistic approach is not just about symptom management but delving deep into the core issues, helping individuals regain their vitality and overall well-being.



Dr. Koji Aoki is a board-certified Chiropractic physician, with extensive expertise in an array of complementary health fields. With specialised training in kinesiology, homeopathy, functional medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, and American Biological Medicine, Dr. Aoki has dedicated his career to the pursuit of innovative and integrative health solutions.

His approach to medicine is deeply rooted in the principles of root cause medicine. This unique perspective allows him to delve beyond the symptoms, seeking to understand and address the underlying factors contributing to his patients’ health challenges.

Among the array of conditions he addresses, Dr. Aoki has developed a notable expertise in treating mould illness, Lyme disease, and PANS/PANDAS. His methodical and empathetic approach to these intricate health issues has not only brought relief to many of his patients but also expanded the understanding of these conditions within the medical community.