Performance and Recovery

World Class Performance and Recovery for Athletes

Our state-of-the-art equipment is perfectly placed to enhance athletic performance and accelerate recovery.

Recovery after training and competition allows athletes to return to their normal physiological and psychological state as rapidly as possible. Various techniques are employed by athletes so that performance in their next competition or training session will not be unduly compromised by muscle soreness and/or fatigue.

There is increasing scientific evidence supporting the benefits of recovery techniques to enhance human performance in various physical exercise and fitness domains—and these are not limited to elite sports athletes.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Passive modalities, such as whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), have the potential to enhance both recovery and preparation due to due to the anti-inflammatory effects. Whole-body cryotherapy has generally been used within a recovery setting after competition or strenuous training for athletes, and in clinical settings for the general population. However, the acute hormonal, anti-inflammatory, perceptual and psychological responses yielded by a single, or repeated, bouts of WBC indicate that this practice could enhance an athlete’s competition readiness when used alongside traditional elements of active warm-ups in the hours before competition in addition to aiding recovery in the hours after.

Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

Another modality, Photobiomodulation (PBM) describes the use of red or near-infrared (NIR) light to stimulate, heal, and regenerate damaged tissue. Both pre-conditioning (light delivered to muscles before exercise) and PBM applied after exercise can increase sports performance in athletes. The Theralight 360 Pro treatment boosts cellular energy through increased production of ATP from the mitochondria. Through this, photobiomodulation therapy helps to reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Superhuman Protocol

A three stage biohacking modality, the Superhuman Protocol is designed to give the healing power back to the human body using magnetism (PEMF), oxygen (EWOT), and light (photobiomodulation). SHP can benefit individuals of all ages and physical conditions. Using the most advanced technology to optimise these elements in the right order has show to slow the ageing process, accelerate healing, increase cellular energy and maintain alkalinity. Regardless of age or physical condition, the Super Human Protocol offers a host of benefits to all.